Nika Tames Her Pet


The tall sultry Brunet struts into the room adorned in a shimming black corset. She stands before her slave towering over her with an apathetic look. Louisa adores her Mistress and is elated to be at her beck a call servicing her body with loving oral adulations. Mistress Nika uses her mouth first in front then behind to soothe, pamper and cleanse both succulent orifices of her lower body. Louisa’s soft round behind protrudes from her rubber skin leaving it exposed and open to her Mistress’s attentions. These are thrust upon her in the form of probes and slaps to her blushing bottom. Mistress Nika climbs into a strap-on dildo with Louisa’s assistance, then pounds away at her open and drooling quim. Their mouths and bodies meet to rub and slither in the remaining rubber, clinging to their flesh.

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