Nikita Valentin and Shione Cooper-Big Boob Lesbians


If your like me you just love to see two busty babes rubbing their luscious bodies against each other. It’s even better if they are all slick and messy! That’s just how this DDFBusty video is. First there is Nikita Valentin. She is a beautiful blond with big blue eyes, a big bright smile, a soft yet lean body and big perky tits with nipples that get real hard and stick way out. Then there is Shione Cooper. She is a little shorter and more voluptuous. Her hair is black and she has several piercings. You can tell by looking at her that she’s wild! Her tits are enormous, providing plenty of jiggly flesh for Nikita to play with.

The two big boobed hotties are baking tortillas or something outdoors. It’s not long before both of them have their tits out and start getting flower all over each other. The action heats up and the horny girls get naked, rubbing cool whip and lots of other things all over each others boobs. To me this is the best part! I love watching big breasted vixens getting all messy and rubbing all over themselves or each other. Shione and Nikita get kinky with a big roller, and end up using it to fuck each other!


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