Nikol-She Gets Squirmy So We’ll Get Squirty!


Nikol is in a frisky, squirmy mood on Saturday 2/12/11, writhing around on a fluffy rug! Clearly, she just can’t wait to take off her thong panties and show us her sexy peach of a posterior! She tries to take it slow, but this raven-tressed, tattooed lovely soon discards her red sequined minidress and high-heeled sandals so that she can show us her naked titties, her almost totally shaven snatch, and of course that ready-for-fun fanny! She doesn’t masturbate but just shows herself in total nakedness so WE’LL masturbate! She toys with her panties, which hang off her thigh, until finally tugging them off with her teeth and posing her booty in such a way that reveals both her pussy and asshole. The best shots come toward the end, as…

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