To Be a ‘B’ or Not to Be

Tits, titties, tatas, knockers, hooters, boobs, boobies, melons, jugs, cantaloupes, gazongas, funbags, bosom, rack, headlights, bust…no matter what you call them, we love them! But do we love them in any size, shape, or form? Of course you would say so to your loved one, but what do you prefer to see in porn? As media and Hollywood pushes the busty woman as being more desirable, more and more smaller breasted women are opting for plastic surgery to increase their cup size. Not surprising, breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic procedure in the U.S.


DDF Network Sexy Sounds: Dirty Talk #2

Mmmmm…there’s nothing like some dirty talk to really get the juices flowing. Mhmmm…so did you enjoy listening to the sounds of busty babes Kyra Hot and Viola in their throes of passion last week in our DDF Network Sexy Sounds’ Dirty Talk debut? Did you properly follow our instructions so you can get the full Sexy Sounds experience? Well if you didn’t catch it last week or need to refresh your memory, let us give you a little friendly reminder to get yourself relaxed and comfortable, shut out any outside disturbances, and unleash your cock in preparation to stroke to the sounds of Natalia Forrest in Dirty Talk #2.


Dirty Talk – DDF Network Sexy Sounds Debut

Mmmmmm….oh yes, it’s the sexy sounds of DDF that you’ve all been waiting for, the delicious sounds of our glamour pornstars at the height of orgasm. So let’s get you properly prepared. First relax…that’s right. Make yourself comfortable and recline back in your easy chair or lay down in your cozy bed. Aahhhhh. Now put your headphones on and close your eyes so you have zero distractions. Mhmmm. Then unzip your pants and get ready to stroke yourself to the sultry sounds of Kyra Hot and Viola as they hungrily explore and pleasure each other’s eager, perfect bodies to climax in this DDF Busty  lesbian breast-loving “Worship in the Sheets” audio. (more…)

XXX Halloween Treats

Whether you’re a candy-loving kid or an eye candy-loving adult there is fun for all during Halloween. But as an adult, we want treats of the XXX kind! Yes, it’s that time of year when women get free range to dress up however they want, giving even the shyest of women the courage to dress up as a slutty vampiress or naughty nurse, and letting people reveal their kinky side.

And with women donning their exhibitionist costumes, converting themselves into their sexiest and naughtiest fantasies, Halloween is a hotbed for hot sex.

 So to help you get into the Halloween spirit, we have 3 spooky yet sexy sets and a Halloween weekend discount that will scare the jizz out of you! (more…)

Oohs, Aahs, and Oh My God’s


Mmmmmm. Mhmm. Ooooh. Aahhhh. Yes, yes, yes! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! The delicious sounds women make when they’re having an orgasm. So varied and unique. Once you become familiar with the sounds of one woman, you will be able to pick her out in an audio lineup any day. No matter the sounds, it is a turn on to hear women in the throes of passion, and we love to capture every end of the spectrum at DDF. That is what we have cumming up for you. DDF Sounds, a “Best of Orgasms” audio segment that with just the audio alone will get you stiff and creaming in your pants.