PoPsCandySmut, Samantha Bentley, and DDF!

Had to Share this Great little Video I came across while cruisin through one of our new Porn Stars Blogs – Samantha Bentley. Makes me want to go out and buy some Ice Cream Pronto!! Soon we’ll be introducing this Out of Control UK Starlet to DDF–She’s been filming this week with Denys and his crew in France with Co-Star Tegan. I interviewed her today and she made me realize, just when I thought I’ve heard or seen it all—THINK AGAIN!

Super Sexy—and SUPER into — Well–You’ll have to wait for the Interview to get filled in on the rest—but you can go get some ideas at her Blog—where she talks about the snack she had today in the form of Tegan’s treasure box ( Another starlet who just joined DDF this week ). She told me that it was one of the sweetest meals she’s had in awhile…and really wet too! Man….The Universe is really breaking some molds when it comes to Hot Chicks that Rock Cock. Seriously!

-Ace DDF

Samantha Bentley’s Blog

-Above is a Photo of  Samantha(Left) and Tegan(Right) Post Girl-Girl DDF Set-

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