Rebecca Jessop Outdoors


Nothing like a nice bike ride out in the country. The fresh air, the natural beauty and the exercise can really have a great effect on a person. Take Rebecca Jessop for example. She recently went out on a long bike ride to unwind. The fresh air pumping through her lungs and her smooth silky legs pumping up and down on the bike pedals made her ready for a good pumping of another kind. Yes, she got so horny she stopped for some quality alone time. Luckily she had packed her favorite vibrator!

Rebecca looks as sexy as can be in her little skirt and her sleeveless country style shirt. Her shirt is unbuttoned halfway down leaving her deep cleavage and lots of bouncy boob meat. She gets off the bike and takes her big tits out for some air. Then Rebecca slides her panties down so that she can finger her clit. She takes out her vibrator out and gives it a hot blowjob just like it was a big dick in her mouth. Then she puts the vibro to work on her hot wet pussy. The best thing about it is we get to see all the action!


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