Renata worries that you don’t like her

“Hey this is Renata again.  You never answer your phone.  I made a special video for you.  I want to be with you so bad and you won’t respond to me.  I spent all afternoon getting pretty and while I was making the video, I got really horny thinking about you and your big cock.  Am I not pretty enough for you?  Are my nipples pointy enough for you to suck them while you grab hold of my soft natural tits?  Don’t you like my firm thick thighs and my toned calfs?  I want you to come over to my place and let me dance for you and play with myself while you watch and your dick gets real hard.  And then I’ll fuck you and suck you every way you want.  I just want you to like me.  I wanted to email the whole video to you but it’s too big, so you can look at parts of it here.   But I want you to come and spend some time with me at the club… the 1byDay club.  I’m waiting for you.”

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