Riding the Lady-Wrecker!

The new month starts off with a bang as Lucy Belle demonstrates how close she feels to her double-dong. This sultry Romanian could give Hollywood star Mila Kunis a run for the money in the beauty department, but Lucy goes the extra mile Mila doesn’t walk by making love to that dildo like it’s a living, pulsing prick!
Clad in her sinful red and black bra and panties, as well as strappy scarlet heels, Lucy sucks the toy deep before rubbing it against her shaved twat and sliding it into her dark wetness. She observes us as we watch her cramming her core.Taking down her bra and shifting her position, she lets our DDF cameras come even closer to capture the penetration of the rubber phallus, which she shoves back and forth in her snatch with the determined grip of her pink-manicured fingers.

Taking down her panties at last, showing us her pert bottom, she then stuffs the dong into her asshole as well, then turns the other head of the toy around and penetrates her vag at the same time. Squatting on the edge of the bed, she gets off on the double dong while rubbing her well-moistened clit, showing us in big spreads the resulting wetness all over her crotch and leaking down her ass-cheeks after she removes the dual-headed lady-wrecker!

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