Rockin day at the DDF Studios!

With the launch of our new Blog, we’ve promised to bring you some insight into the behind the scenes world of DDF Productions, and here we go with our first installment! Enjoy some Candid shots of the incredibly down to Earth, and amazingly beautiful Cindy Hope. I made an exclusive interview with her that will be posted in a future segment, as well as some behind the scenes. Cindy blew my mind with her relaxed nature, and mystical vibe that she projects. She is so hi-tech in structure and mind, yet so easy to be around. Really one of the best ive met in the industry thus far! Stay tuned for a solo set coming your way soon on DDF Productions!

I also had the chance to catch up with some of the guys of DDF, Mugur, Kid Jamaica, and Totti. They were just hangin out getting ready for a hot time with co-star Henessy. She was super cute and fun to be around. No attitude from this awesome chick at all. Mugur was telling us a story about how he used to suck the yolk out of the chicken eggs when he was a child, and that his family thought it was a wild animal or insect, until they caught him that is! Now he sucks the yolk out of super hot Porn stars and does it with much joy! I’ll be catching up with these four in the future to give you a deeper peer into their lives. I don’t know about you, but I’m really interested in both sides of the Porn industry. The lives of the babes that turn us on to no end, and the lucky fuckers that get to enjoy them, no pun intended! How do they do it? Stay tuned for future DDF blog posts and interviews as we get down to the bottom of this! In the meantime, get on over to the DDF Network and see all the amazing action created this week. Hot Stuff!

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