Rose penetrates her petals!


Rose entertains us in the bathroom. First this lovely blonde poses in her powder blue bra and panty set, which is stretchy and looks extremely sexy on her slender but curvy young body. Still in the underwear, she wets herself with the shower attachment, then peels aside the scanties so we can feast our eyes on her loveliness.

Sitting down on the edge of the tub, Rose licks a big blue vibrator and teases her nipples and cunny with its throbbing power. She slides it inside her girlie petals, lifting up her legs so we can get a good view of the penetration. Then she stands up and leans against the wall of the shower and fucks herself from behind.

Moving around in the tub, sitting, standing, bending, and leaning, Rose makes sure we see her flower filled from every angle possible, tugging apart her cute butt cheeks so we can observe the toy sticking out in all its blue phallic strength. Very pretty girl indeed!



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