Salesman Scores Big With New Attachment


Franco Roccaforte was trying his hand at selling vacuums. When he was sent to the home of blond babe Amina he was glad to see that she was so sexy looking. She was wearing a pinstripe shirt that was unbuttoned enough to show her cleavage. Her short skirt did a great job of showing off her silky smooth long legs, black high heels and her tattoo. Amina has a very pretty face and full, sensual lips so Franco thought he might land a sale with his special attachment.

Amina was delighted when she saw the big cock like head and all the little knobs on the device. It was just the type of thing she really needed. She knew it would be the cause of many hours of pleasure so she wanted to try it right away. Franco was more than happy to show Amina the ins and outs of using the ingenious attachment.


Amina had Franco show her how to use it in her mouth, in her wet pussy and even in her little asshole. Not only did Franco make a good impression with his vacuum attachment but also with his huge cock! The two had lots of horny oral sex, Amina giving Franco a throat stretching blowjob and Franco driving Amina‘s pierced clit wild with his tongue. Franco also bored out Amina‘s juicy pussy and invaded her anally.

This is another wild sex show you don’t want to miss!


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