Sapphire and Shione Cooper-Big Boobs and Billiards


Pool is one of the greatest games ever invented. What better way to get a busty babe to lean over so you can look down her shirt than to challenge her to a game? You also get a nice view of her rear end when she leans over the table. I think the guy that invented pool had these things in mind.

What makes a game of pool even better when playing against a big breasted hottie is if she’s dressed in a bra and panties! Better than that is if its two hotties. Click on the photos above and feast your eyes on the photos of sexy blond Sapphire and busty brunette Shione Cooper. The first six photo show these sexy vixens playing pool in their underwear. Their big tits bulge out everywhere as they lean over to take aim. You’ll love watching their boobs just about bounce right out of their bras in the video.

Both girls have amazing tits. Both sets of racks are full, round and all natural and both girls are beautiful. They look great in their bras but when the undergarments are removed you will be in awe. Sapphire and Shione are a big tease with their pool sticks, mashing them between their big boobs like they were going to give them a tittie fuck. They also rub up against each other in true big tit lesbian fashion. As the video goes on the action gets hotter and hotter!



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