Sapphire-Big Boobed Biker Babe


Busty blond Sapphire recently posed on this deluxe model Harley. The video brings to mind a fantasy about riding with a big breasted hottie. She would be holding on tightly with her big tits mashed against my back. I can’t think of many things that would be more fun!

Sapphire is super sexy in these hot photos and in the accompanying video. She is in a tight, studded latex and leather outfit with a chain around her neck and between her luscious big boobs. The chain could be used as her leash so she could be used as a sex slave when rest stops are made.


Imagine parking the bike in the shade of some tree’s along a gravel road. Sapphire gets off the bike and bares her big boobs. The vibration of the powerful motorcycle has made her pussy soaking wet. She squeezes her tits together so her nipples bulge out right there in front of you. The horny blond spreads her legs and you see that the only thing between you and her pussy is a leather strap with a slit in it for easy access. It would be time to give horny Sapphire an entirely different kind of a ride!

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