Sex Euro Cup semi finals decided!

After some great matches over the last few days; most notably the excellent Russian performance against the early favorites, the Dutch; we have the semi final line up for the SexEuroCup!

So it will be Germany vs Turkey on Wednesday

Tiffany Rousso representing GermanyAletta Ocean representing Turkey

and Russia vs Spain on Thursday

Wivien representing RussiaEve Mendes representing Spain

to decide who will play in the final of Euro 2008, the SexEuroCup. There have been some great match ups and some seriously sexy babes helping us through the tournament and 4 of the bonus scenes have been unlocked. We have 4 more to come this week, one on the day of each semi final and 2 to help you enjoy the final on Sunday the 29th of June.

Remember if you want to send an e-card to your friends of one of the SexEuroCup babes then just click here to do so, it is free!

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