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Guest Article from Adam & Eve Adult Super Store
You may be familiar with some of the more basic types of sex toys out there, but unless you pay regular attention to the market, you may be surprised at how technologically advanced some of the newer toys are. However, a quick look at a store like Adam & Eve will show you that there are indeed more and more sex toys that incorporate the use of electronics to provide more pleasure to their users. Thanks to these developments, there are many sex toys out there that are essentially better versions of existing non-electronic versions, and these newer toys can be extremely useful for both individual use and use with a partner. Here are a few words on some noteworthy and very popular examples of these more advanced sex toys.

For Women: The Wet Wabbit Vibrator

The Wet Wabbit is one of the most popular, pleasurable, and advanced sex toys in existence for women, and essentially serves the function of about four toys in one. At the simplest level, the Wet Wabbit is a battery-operated dildo, but its added features make it far more than that. The Wet Wabbit has a number of different vibration modes, all of which are easily controllable from the panel at its base. Additionally, this remarkable toy vibrates to stimulate the clitoris at the same time, which of course adds a whole different aspect of pleasure. Throw in the fact that this advanced vibrator is completely waterproof, and it seems to be the perfect toy!

For Men: The Super Sucker 2.0

As far as male stroker toys go, the Super Sucker 2.0 is about as advanced as things get. Not only is it a compact and easily cleaned stroker on its own, but the Super Sucker 2.0 has 7 different vibration speeds, as well as a specific design made to mimic the effects of an actual blowjob. But what really sets this toy apart is its base, which extends and vibrates on its own to stimulate the balls while the stroker works above.
There are literally hundreds of sex toys available for men and women, and the two listed above are just a few examples of some of the more advanced ones. However, observing the different features and benefits offered by these specific two toys can help to give you an idea of how battery-operated sex toys are able to incorporate more and more features for enhanced pleasuring capabilities. If you truly want a unique and remarkable experience with your sex toys, you may want to aim high, at toys like those described above.
You can see the Wet Wabbit being used by Victoria Puppy on DDF Network Here! 
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