Sexy Babe Ellen Blows A Well Hung Guy


Feast your eyes on this cute little hottie. Her name is Ellen and she has sexy green eyes, a great smile and long soft blond hair. Her body is truly hot. She has a curvy little ass that looks great in a thong and slightly upturned tits that have fat nipples that stick way out. Combine these attributes with her long slender legs and you have one sexy babe! Ellen has a rather mischievous look in her eyes but you still may not take her to be the horny girl she really is.


As you can tell by these pictures Ellen loves a big fat cock. That is just what she got when she met the infamous Frank M. Ellen was on a bed showing off her body for Frank in her bra and panties. She had to get to Franks cock before he even got out of his clothes.

She went to work on that huge dick right away. Teasing a little bit, the horny little cocksucker filled Frank with anticipation. She pumped his thick shaft in her hand and rubbed it with her tits. Licking Frank’s cock, Ellen got it as hard as a rock before putting it in her mouth. Finally she sucked at the head of Frank’s dick like it was a big juicy plum.

Ellen gave Frank the blowjob of a lifetime! She sucked the guys cock until he filled her mouth with a thick wad of cum. Ellen drained so much jizz from Frank’s balls that it overflowed out of her mouth and dripped down her chin to her chest.



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