Sexy brunette shows off her hot feet in flip flops

Stacy Da Silva

If there’s one thing our team can’t contain ourselves is seeing a hot babe with smooth tanned skin wearing flip flops in the sun. The shoot was extremely “hard” to do 😉 Stacy Da Silva could see the bulge in our pants as she played around outside…

Stacy Da Silva

As she was watering some flowers, the water was gently caressing her legs down to her feet and toes. We could also see her beautiful trimmed pussy & ass. Stacy was getting so horny seeing us crave her feet that much.

Stacy Da Silva

We wanted so much to slide our hard cocks between her soles and flip flops for a cum drenchingly hot footjob. Maybe if we’re nice enough Stacy will give us all what we need so badly? 😉

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