Sexy-feet newcomer Claudia playing with balloons!

Wednesday 11/17/10 on Hot Legs and Feet , friendly new face Claudia shows off her delectable feet in a solo pictorial and video in which she wears cartoon character slippers and plays with balloons! There is a big subculture of what are called “looners,” folks who really get off on scenes with balloons. Look up “balloon fetish” on Google for more info! Wearing yellow pantyhose that showcase her feet well, Claudia crams her peds into the hapless faces of the easily recognizable cartoon character slippers, before taking off the slippers and kicking around brightly colored balloons. She stands on and squeezes the balloons, even popping a couple of them! Then she gets down on the couch and poses her pretty butt and legs in her hosiery while hugging a balloon. The cartoon character slippers look on as she takes down her pantyhose and plays with her pussy

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