Sexy Sonja Black loves to dance with cum on her feet

Sonja started dancing at a very young age. She just loves to dance. Now at 18, she started getting lessons with teacher Lauro. She practices many of the hot moves she sees from the show dancing with the stars.

Sonja Black Footjob

Today she worked hard and danced for almost 2 hours. Sonja asked Lauro if she could take a break as her feet are hurting. Lauro asked if she would like a foot massage. Sonja was a bit surprised to hear this from her teacher but after a few moments she agreed. Lauro slowly took Sonja’s sexy sandals off her feet and started to give her a nice foot rub. Lauro couldn’t contain himself and started getting a huge hard-on. Sonja didn’t notice the bulge…yet

Sonja Black Footjob

Lauro told Sonja that she would be able to leave after the foot massage as she worked hard today. He told her today’s lessons would be $50. Sonja quickly realized that she didn’t have enough money in her purse.

Sonja Black Footjob

As she glanced into her purse, she noticed the huge bulge in Lauro’s pants. She told him she didn’t have enough money but would be willing to take care of the bulge in his pants. Lauro almost came right there when she said that. She unzip his pants and started sucking him off. Lauro couldn’t believe how sexy this girl was. She then proceeded to wrap her hot feet around Lauro’s hard cock until he came hard with huge jizz of sperm all over her feet. She put back her sandals filled with sperm, winked at Lauro and left the dance class…”until next time she says” 😉

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