Sexy Sounds 013 Featuring Lynna Nilsson

Lynna Nilsson - Last Night a DJ Fucked my Wife

You know it’s going to be one heck of a party when you’ve got Lynna Nillson in da house. This beautiful Czech girl with Swedish blood is not only a glamour pornstar winning the title of Glamour Sex Goddess of 2015, but she’s also an international photo model, and topless DJ as Ms. Lynna, so whether you want some badass tunes, awesome party, or naked babes, she’s your go-to girl. And so for DDF’s Sexy Sounds 013, they chose Lynna Nillson as the next go-to girl for your audio and visual sensory pleasures.

This time around, DDF has bumped up the BPM (beats per minute) in honor of Ms. Lynna, so you can really get your imagination going as if on the dance floor with the hot blonde DJ at the decks at a private party just for you. But not just any hot blonde DJ, a Playboy Playmate that likes to spin topless. 

If you want purely audio, close your eyes, listen to the beats, and dance along or rub one out along, as you imagine Ms. Lynna doing a little striptease especially for you. Listen now on Soundcloud.

If you prefer with visuals, watch Ms. Lynna at her sexy DJ best, rockin’ it on the controllers, and getting hornier by the second as she runs her hands across her babelicious body. She’s so multitalented that she can handle the decks and do a striptease at the same time, not to mention titty play and masturbate with one hand on the controller. A party just isn’t a party without Ms. Lynna.

The choice is yours!

But this time get your dancing shoes on, put the video on a big screen with surround sound, or put on your headphones, and stroke on…

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