Sexy Venera-Slim But Stacked


I’ve seen my share of slim but stacked girls in my time but Sexy Venera takes it to the extreme! She is a petite girl with a hot little ass, thin legs and a very small waist. Still she has very big tits! Her bra size is 32G which tells you a lot. Her chest is slender, the size is in what is filling those bra cups-it’s all in her natural boobs!

Venera is a hot little vixen too. Check out the tongue on this babe! Can you think of anything you’d like her to do with that? I’m pretty sure you can. Also, take note of how her hot clit pokes out. This is the kind of girl that anyone would love to jump in the sack with!

The sexy blond gives us a good poolside show here. She strips out of a sexy, virginal white dress and shows off her body in a devilish black bikini. The bikini top appears to be made to shove Venera‘s huge boobs up and out so they are right in your face. She strips out of that and is naked for us to drool over. As you can expect from DDFBusty, the show goes on, getting hotter and hotter until there is an explosive climax!

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