Sink Into Her Eyes

Kala Ferard

Look at the new face Kala Ferard on Wednesday 7/28/10, where this honey blonde peels away a thong from her smooth-shaven pussy mound. Your whole body will be able to feel how her snug young slit tugs at the wedged-up pink panty crotch! Kala looks at us with big knowing eyes as she pulls out the fabric to finally reveal her large pussy just before she fills it with a pink plastic vibrator. There’s no underestimating the expressiveness of Kala’s big eyes and lush-lipped mouth: she can go from a sultry pout to girlish grin in a heartbeat. You’ll like the closeups when she’s on her knees, the vibrator sticking out of her pussy on its own as if inviting you to push it in further!

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