Sleeping beauty works up an appetite

Rebecca is a student at a local college. She had a long night partying on the town. When she arrived home she barely had enough time to take off her clothes and went directly to sleep. Her roommate Thomas was working in his office when she heard Rebecca shut the door of her room.

Rebecca Contreras

Thomas always had a huge crush on his roomate but never had the balls to tell her. That night Thomas decided it was time to have some fun with her. He waited until she was sound asleep and gently opened her bedroom door. The lights were still on and he noticed how hot Rebecca was lying on her bed with her feet sticking out. Thomas couldn’t contain himself and slowly approached her side of the bed and started to worship her feet while she was sleeping. He tried as best he could to not wake her up but it didn’t last long until she suddenly woke up and saw her roomate worshipping her feet!

Rebecca Contreras

Rebecca was shocked at the sight and almost told Thomas to fuck off but seeing how much it turned on Thomas she got horny as well and wanted a good fuck. Thomas stuck out his cock so Rebecca could suck him off. She then wrapped her feet around his hard cock and started giving him an awesome sockjob.

Rebecca Contreras

Rebecca didn’t waste any time and desperately needed to taste Thomas’ jizz so she wrapped her feet as hard as she could and while giving him a footjob, she was sucking him off at the same time. Thomas let out a huge moan and came all over Rebecca’ face and feet…

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