Sophie Mei’s Belly Dancing Video


Sophie Mei is my favorite blond big tits model. She is gorgeous and I like everything about her soft, curvaceous body especially those natural big boobs. This photo set and video is especially exciting because it features Sophie displaying one of her lesser know talents-belly dancing.

Sophie‘s belly dancing outfit is highly exotic and feminine. Her hair is short and flapperish which goes well with her many bracelets and beaded costume. The whole production is kind of like some art nuevo belly dancing burlesque  film from the late 19th century-except that it’s in high definition. I’d like to congratulate Denys DeFrancesco and his crew as well as beautiful Sophie Mei for a very well made and erotic video! That’s the kind of great work you can always expect from all of the DDF Production sites.

As for big tits this video ROCKS! Even before she takes off her top Sophie’s huge tits will blow your mind, and maybe your wad too! She bounces her boobs around and swings them back and forth in time to the music and you will not be able to take your eyes off of them. After she finally takes her top off and her succulent nipples are in the open air you’ll be even more hypnotized by this buxom blond. She squeezes her hefty tits making them bulge out and bounces them in her hands. There are closeups so clear you’ll swear you can feel the weight of Sophie‘s breasts in your hands.

Sophie takes off all her clothes as the video progresses. I could go on and on about how hot and sexy the rest of her body is but you should just see for yourself!


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