“Squirt For Our Pantyhose, Pervie!”


Now at HotLegsAndFeet.com you can witness an entirely different kind of scene. Summer and Victoria Tiffany are going to tease your pervie nuts as they give you a pantyhose show! All right now, you’re naked and kneeling and pulling your cock as you observe…

These girls are so pretty! Look at all the pantyhose they have to play with! Green and gray and purple and pink and pea-colored…they smile, encouraging you to masturbate while they get themselves hot. Summer looks at you while she sucks Victoria’s purple-sheathed toes…Victoria shows how she’s double jointed and can lick her own sole (let’s make her Model of the Day for that)…Summer lets Victoria dress her in pink pantyhose, and then the girls pose and grin while your cock gets stiffer and…you’re close to shooting…

The babes know how sexy pantyhose can be…and they play with panties too! Thy hardly even notice you now, they’re so into each other, so just keep staring and stroking…now they’re cutting holes in their hosiery with a scissors so they have easy access to…


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