Sucking and Serving Their Toes!


Be a fly on the wall as gorgeous blonde Candy and adorable brunette Sasha Rose get into a lesbian foot clinch in the bathroom! First we see Candy getting naked for the tub, taking off her blue marabou slippers and flexing her bare size 6.5 feet.

Once Candy is comfortable in the bubbles, soaking, Sasha enters and takes off her white marabou slippers, kneeling down to lick and massage the blonde’s peds. We see Candy curl her toes and wrinkle her soles as lucky Sasha gets to suck and serve those tootsies. Sasha gets naked and puts her size 6.5 right foot on the edge of the tub for Candy to wash. Then she gets in the tub so the foot pampering can continue.

We see the bubbles and water slide down the peds, then Sasha sits down in the tub and the girls do foot-69 facing each other in the bubbly H2O. Candy looks like she really enjoys licking Sasha’s tasty digits. Our DDF cameras capture some great angles which almost put you into the tub with the gals!

Sasha stands up so that Candy can lick her pussy and also scrub her feet with the bath brush; then Candy looks right at us with mischief in her eyes as she clamps her mouth on Sasha’s soapy right sole and heel and toes.

They rub each other’s pussy with their feet, but at the end present their water-wrinkled soles on the edge of the tub so we can stick our faces against our computer screens and join the action with our own hungry tongues!

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