Sucking through Stockings

Welcome two Russian newbies to our site, Diamond Cross with the reddish hair, and brunette Stacy Snake. Relaxing on a couch in their ladylike dresses and black pumps, the action starts when Stacy caresses Diamond’s legs, then takes off Diamond’s shoes and rubs the redhead’s nylon-clad size 6 foot against her nipples.

Stacy sucks Diamond’s red-polished toes through her stockings, and then as Diamond returns the favor, Stacy takes off her own shoes and licks her own toes. The gals pose their feet together on the hardwood floor, then Stacy slips her foot inside Diamond’s panties. Taking off their frocks and underwear, the girls then get down on the couch in a foot-69, with Stacy really glomming on Diamond’s peds even as Miss Cross enjoys Stacy’s size 6.5 feet. Stacy also enjoys the pleasure of lapping at Diamond’s pussy so conveniently located inches from her tongue!

This gets Diamond also in the cunny-lickin’ mood and she bends her head down into the Snake snatch. For the finale, our girls peel off their stockings and enjoy their bare feet, with Diamond’s head being gripped between Stacy’s agile naked peds. And in the last shots, their vividly painted red toenails are presented in big closeups so we can do a little worshipping ourselves!

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