Sweet and Sexy Charley G


Busty babe Charley G is back with another tantalizing look at her beautiful body. We get to see her masturbating too! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a girl that looks this wholesome and sweet has dirty, horny thoughts that make her pussy wet but it sure happens!

Charley looks red hot and ultra feminine out in the sunshine in her flowered tank top and short lavender skirt. She teases us with her big boobs, showing off how big they look from the side with her chest held out proudly. Further driving us wild with lust she pulls down the neckline of her shirt to show more of her luscious big tits and cleavage. She strips down to her bra and panties in which she looks like an erotic dream girl.


If you like big boobs like I do you are a fan of bras. Charley‘s bra in these pictures is very sexy. I like the way her tits bulge up and out in it. When she moves around that fleshy part of exposed flesh jiggles so you can tell just how soft and bouncy her breasts are. When she takes it off  you can finally see her naked boobs and they look really good. Her nipples look nice and tender, ripe for kissing and sucking on. Charley has a nice little pussy too which looks highly edible. It’s smooth and bald and I bet it tastes yummy!


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