DDF Awards, time to choose Your Sex Goddess!

Last week we launched the first DDF Network Awards, a fan voting competition to find out who, from the DDF Network Actresses, will have the honor to be  “The Ultimate Sex Goddess for 2014″!

We decided to nominate 9 Models within 6 Categories:

Glamour Sex Goddess
Hardcore Sex Goddess
Busty Sex Goddess
Newcomer Sex Goddess
Foot Fetish Sex Goddess
BDSM Sex Goddess

Your Participation is Highly Required! 

The competition is divided into 3 phases and the 1st phase started on Friday 15th of August. This is a Fan- and Model-based competition, and  at this stage Fans can suggest who should be the “10th Nominee” for each category. Every model who hasn’t been selected yet still has the opportunity to compete in the competition. Fans can also create their own categories for future Awards, and are encouraged to share via social media using  custom links featuring their own chosen category.

The best girls in each category will be featured in our 2015 DDF Network Calendar and the “Ultimate Sex Goddess” will also win a trip to France for exclusive DDF Productions scenes and a cash prize!

How to participate in the #DDFAwards 1st Phase?

From 15th Aug to 15th Sept, you can suggest and choose the “10th Nominee” of your choice in each category. At the end of Phase 1 the starlets with the most Fan suggestions in each category will be announced and placed in the running for the Sex Goddess title in that category.

You can also suggest your own categories for future Awards at this stage.

A/ How to create your own category for future Awards?

1 – Go to

2 – Click on the main menu


3 – Select the sub menu “Categories”


4 – Select a category from the right and the list of Goddesses will appear


5 – Click on a model or on the button for more details


6 – On the model details page you will find a small video and enticing pictures of the nominee. On the right side there is a menu with the following buttons:


a) Click Nominate for an Award:


b) A pop up box “Create your own Award” appears. You need to enter the title of the award you want to create and then click on the button “Nominate – Model Name”. Each nomination needs to be at least 10 characters long.


c) A second pop up box appears to finalize your award suggestion, you need to provide your email address and click on the button ”Verify nomination” button.


d) You will receive an email and a link to your suggested award which may be selected as a category for future awards.


e) Make sure to share this link with your friends via social media for maximum impact.


B/ How to suggest and choose the 10th nominee of your choice in each category?

1 – From the Main Menu, select the Nominees submenu.


2 – Here you have access to All the nominees by scrolling with your mouse or you can refine the nominees by choosing a category.


4 – When you scroll through the Nominees page you will find a Mystery Model, there is 1 Mystery Model per category.

a) Click on the Mystery Model or on the button “Nominate a Model”  to suggest the 10th nominee for the selected category.


b) A pop up box “Nominate a Model” appears, you need to enter the name of your favorite model and choose a category from the drop down menu, then click on “Submit Nomination” button.


b)  A second pop up box appears to finalize your nomination, you need to provide your email address and click on the button ”Verify nomination” button.


5 – You will receive an email regarding the Model you’ve nominated for the 10th Nominee of the selected category.
(Note: Were currently working on a small bug which may be fixed at any moment. If you don’t receive an email, don’t worry, we did receive it!)

Come have Fun, and help your Favorite Goddess to Become The Ultimate Sex Goddess 2014!






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