Teasing us with Treats

Today I thought I would pay homage to all of our Beautiful DDF Darlings by showcasing some of the top Day Pics of the last couple of weeks. Honestly I can’t believe I haven’t shared these with you before.

Quite Sexy and Artistic, and our in-house Graphic Designer Zsuzsi does an incredible job at bringing the colors and surroundings to life and presenting us with a nice little teaser before the main course.

You can catch a large variety of our Day Pics on our Official Facebook Page.

We post 2 or 3 a day, along with erotic stories to go with each scenario, written by Master Porn Scribe Irv O Neil and other guest writers from around the world. Even some sexy female writers.

The stories are most definitely worth the read! You could even download and collect the Pics and Stories and make one heck of a cool Erotic Collection.

Just a small token of appreciation for checkin out the DDF Network. Of course, the real fun awaits inside. Full access to the foxiest babes on the planet, indulging in their sexiest desires. A little bird told me the other day that a September special is coming your way.

I think I heard 50% off the first month—and like 50% off the regular 2 day trial price. Stay tuned to find out—But in the meantime—Enjoy the Foxy Ladies! -Ace DDF

I Know , I know—-I Promise You

 Hot Naked Babes–Next Time 🙂

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