Teena Lipoldino Nut Drainer


Do you like watching a hot girl giving a blowjob? Do you like it when a gorgeous babe sucks cock and eats cum? If so, you need to check out some of  Teena Lipoldino‘s work. This girl knows how to drain nuts!

To start with the luscious blond is a hottie. She has striking slate grey eyes, a slender body, nicely shaped little tits, long legs and a sexy ass. Under her little dress she has on no underwear. She has sliver high heels on her feet. Teena is looking extremely sexy and she knows how to get Bob Terminator’s attention away from his Chess game.

She leans over him and rubs his shoulders. Her hand travels down to his lap and she starts stroking Bobs knob. She then gets down on all fours and starts sucking on Bob’s cock! Her ass is sticking out from the skirt of her dress and it looks very inviting. Teena gives a deep blowjob often down to the point that Bob’s balls were against her chin.

Watch Teena showing her oral nut draining techiniques!


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