Tera Bond Forced To Suck


Tera Bond was looking sooo sexy when Bob Terminator got his hands on her. Her little school girl outfit turned him on in a primal way. She always looked hot with her raven black hair, her dark sultry eyes and her ripe, succulent lips. Bod had his eyes on Tera‘s slender body. Her long legs, hot ass and nice tits were enough to make anyone horny. Bob had to make sure Tera didn’t get away so her tied her delicate wrists to a post.

Once he had her bound and helpless Bob forced Tera to suck on the huge hardon she had given him. Her mouth was filled to capacity with Bob’s fat cock. Tera took the mouth fucking and soon she was slurping away on Bob’s big dick. While she gave the forced blowjob her sexy boobs and her hot pussy were on display and she couldn’t cover herself. Tera was completely defenseless as Bob used her mouth and throat.


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