The foot worship doctor is in!

Sexy doctor Cameron Gold examines gorgeous brunette Nessa Devil’s injured ankle. The doctor asks Nessa to sit on the bench. She slowly removes her shoes and takes a quick whiff while Nessa is turned away.

Cameron Gold & Nessa Devil

She then asks Nessa to lie down so she can take a better look at her sprained ankle. She removes the other croc shoe and slowly start sniffing off the toes from her bandaged ankle. Cameron then starts to spread her hot toes and kisses them. Nessa is startled and wonders what she is doing. She then realizes than it must be a doctor procedure so she let the doctor do her thing.

Cameron Gold & Nessa Devil

The doctor then tells Nessa that her injury is more serious than she expected and that she will need a long foot massage. Dr Cameron says she also has therapeutic massage expertise and can perform a massage right away. Nessa agrees and let’s the doctor give her a nice long foot massage. Cameron is getting all hot inside knowing she’ll be able to play with Nessa’s hot feet and toes. At one point she simply cannot resist the urge to lick and suck her feet in desperate passion. Nessa is shocked to see that her doctor is doing this but her fear quickly turns into heated lesbian foot worshipping as they both devour each other until they literally pass out in the doctor’s office. This is one visit at the doctor that promises full recovery 😉

Cameron Gold & Nessa Devil

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