The Gushing Orgasm.

Ever wonder how those guys do it? You know, give a girl an orgasm that sends her to the moon via the propulsion of love juice coming straight out of her vagina ( See the above DDF Preview for a nice example ). That’s called a G-Spot Orgasm, and though many say that it’s only possible in select women, that may not be exactly true. You see, many times a women may have an uncomfortable feeling, like she is going to pee, and it causes her to take control rather then let go completely. This is the first sign that she is close to the big G-spot “O”.

Of course, for some women it just may be a feeling that they will never get over and do not enjoy, so don’t go out there and finger bang your girlfriend or wife until she gushes without her consent, but if you wanna give it a shot and have a willing partner, this video from YouTube might just give you some insight on how to enjoy a nice refreshing face full of your ladies magic lotion! 


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