The Live Cam Phenomena!

Did you know that DDF has gone LIVE? Unless your a member, probably not, as its a very new feature for our sites. We’ve been spending lots of Time and Energy checking out the best cam sites to find the ultimate partners in this venture, and weve just about zero’ed in on the ultimate LIVE experience!  

A combination of the BEST LIVE CAM partner, mixed with a personalized DDF Experience is not far away my friends, and I’ve gotta tell ya—the Cyber world has stepped up its game!

DDF Busty is the first of our sites to receive a White Label Live Cam, with our partner LiveJasmin. In the future you can expect Exclusive Live Shows from some of our very own Porn Stars, and members get Free live Shows now and again as well.

The system is quite ornate, and there are various ways of communicating with the models, including two-way camera, where you can show your favorite babe your schlong   while she shows you her apple pie. Doesn’t that sound dandy!

House of Taboo and Euro Teen Erotica are also receiving White Label treatment very soon too, and you can expect to fill your niches in top notch quality, LIVE! I have to tell ya though, personally, at one time I was a skeptic. Thinking, ahhhhh, too expensive, the girls will keep you on there and milk your money for a weak show.

Not hardly the case as I tested these sites out—-definitely an experience worth giving a shot. So stay tuned DDF Fans—-were taking this Cam thing to the next level, and in combination with our exclusive studio productions–your fantasies are about to be catapulted to another level. Just one more reason to join our family—Enjoy!  – Ace DDF

P.S.—A few sample shots above and below from the Tests that I conducted–Super Righteous!

Countess Masha above–You can find her at Live Jasmin—SUPER Pop -Tart!

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