The New Sex Rules!

Came across this article and all I could think of was House of Taboo! Forget everything you read below. If your partner’s too tired, it’s time to spice it up for sure! Whips, chains, bondage, a little hot wax to the nipples, or maybe some role-play is what’s in order! If that doesn’t work, Check out this House of Taboo Video with Latex Lucy and Frank M. Now thats’ what we call spicing it up—with every pepper in the kitchen!


Old rule: Both partners should be equally active in bed.

New rule: It’s okay to relinquish all control sometimes — or to totally take over.

Yes, both of you should be getting equal satisfaction from your sex life, and, yes, men and women love it when you take an active role in your own pleasure. But that doesn’t mean that every time you make love it has to be exactly 50/50. After all, sometimes one of you is just too beat or burned-out to have the energy for a night of vigorous sex, but you can still lie back and have some fun, points out Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, author of The Perfect Orgasm.

-Ace DDF

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