The Return from Venus-Berlin!

Two weeks later and I’m finally able to write a bit and post some pictures about our experience at the Venus-Berlin Erotic Fair in Germany!

It was a cool venture with Francois and Gabriella our top managers, as well as the stunning Latex Lucy who joined us for 2 days at the fair.

She donned a couple of her cool Latex outfits and was the star of the show as Paparazzi came from every angle to take pics of her. I only wish I had my camera ready to take pictures of them taking pictures of her, quite the site!

Eroticism was everywhere, and if your a fan, this definitely seems like a cool Fair to plug into your calendar for Next year.

Cool contacts and great ideas were gained, and you should be seeing some of them soon on our Network of sites as we blast into 2013 with some great updates and innovative ideas. Enjoy a few candid shots and catch ya next time!


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