Toe Temptations in the Tub!

Two delicious damsels delight in their femininity–especially below the ankles–when Victoria Blaze and Tess hook up in the Jacuzzi. As the tub fills up, they tenderly and passionately kiss, enjoying the clinch of their nude bodies as the water swirls over their feet; then Tess starts admiring the purple toenails of Victoria.

Soon Tess is down on her knees in the water, sliding her friend’s size 6.5 toes over her tongue. Victoria tantalizes Tess in turn by rubbing her nipples with those pretty digits, and then she reciprocates in full by getting down on her own knees in the whirlpool and worshiping the bottoms of Tess’s size 8.5 feet. Victoria looks really good with her ass stuck out toward us as she adores her friend’s soles. She watches the camera as she does it, too, and her eyes almost seem to say, “Can you believe how juicy Tess’s toesies are??”

But Victoria wants more than feet, and soon she licks Tess’s twat too. This gives Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews more opportunity to get terrific shots of that Blaze butt as she kneels before Tess! At the same time, Victoria flexes her feet so we see the wrinkling of her soles and the wiggling of her pretty piggies.

She really does a thorough job adoring Tess’s feet, as the water gets higher around their bodies. She can’t stop sucking those toes, but toward the end Tess gets in a few more licks herself, thanking Victoria for the pleasure with some tongue action on her pussy as Miss Blaze writhes against the wall over the tub. Then they kiss at the climax, and present their feet to us for OUR adoration!


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