What Makes The Perfect Pornstar

With porn being a $97 billion industry, it’s no wonder that more people are getting into the adult industry each year. Pornstars are coming in all shapes and sizes, some naturally gifted, some unfortunately not so. So what is it exactly that makes a pornstar the ultimate x-rated video queen?! What qualities does she possess, and what makes her so irresistible that she becomes your go-to girl when you need to get off?!

There are a few traits that seem to be unanimous for any top notch adult actress. Good looks help, but that’s so subjective. We really have to analyze every inch of them to see exactly what it is about them that make dicks quiver! It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Here are some things we think make the total pornstar package:

Self Confidence – No seductress can be a reigning ruler of the bedroom and beyond if she isn’t a lover of her own assets.

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She Loves Sex – She’s really into it. This is pretty self-explanatory!

She Commands Attention – The seXXXiest ladies of seduction will have our undivided engrossment as she saunters around effortlessly in her scenes, eyes fixated upon us, her subjects.

She Knows How To Strip – A little experience on the pole can go a long way, and the strip club is a good stepping stone to the big screen.

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All of these things packaged together in a hot little body sure makes for one hot commodity! With experience many of these things can be learned, but some of our babes are just born with it.

What do you think? Is there anything we are missing here? What are your favorite traits of your favorite glamour pornstar?

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One thought on “What Makes The Perfect Pornstar

  1. The important thing is that the sex scene must always end with a good cumshot in the mouth taken from the side.

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