Who’s Really in Control?

Today Cindy gets dominated by Jasmine Rouge…and is really put through her paces! The haughty Romanian blonde knows when a slavegirl has to be disciplined, and she flogs the brunette Hungarian beauty right on her hot ass.

Then she prepares Cindy for oral service by cramming her mouth with the silver bullet dildo-like handle of her whip, before getting Cindy to service her pussy, kiss her stocking-covered legs, and lick her red ankle strap shoes!

But Jasmine, who remembers her own days as a slave, can’t resist sucking Cindy’s black heels a little herself. But then she swings back into the dominant mode by having Cindy kneel and adore her ass!

Then Cindy removes Jasmine’s shoes, takes a few good sniffs, and then submits while Jasmine rubs her high heel against Cindy’s quim. The action never stops in this kinky encounter! Cindy removes her mistress’s other red shoe, then she worships both of Jasmine’s nylon-sheathed 6.5 feet, lathing the blonde’s soles with her tongue.

Jasmine turns around so that her slave can lick her butt again, but then she is tempted by the allure of Cindy’s cunny and goes down for a few licks herself.

Be careful with the power exchange, Mistress Jasmine–you might lose your dominant edge of control altogether! In fact, Jasmine seems ambivalent about being in charge here; she removes Cindy’s shoes, sucks the heels, and then she licks Cindy’s 7.5 feet in the red nylons.

She also goes down on her some more! But Jasmine reasserts her mastery at the end, having Cindy worship her feet and submit her asshole to the silver bullet handle of the whip. The torrid blonde comes out on top at the end!

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