Wiska’s Hardcore Joy of Eating


Ahh the joys of eating. There is nothing like a ripe, succulent fruit to get your juices flowing. That’s why when Frank Gun fed hot blond Wiska an orange slice she got real horny and started rubbing his cock right through his pants!

Wiska apparently wanted more to eat. She pulled Frank’s big tube steak out of his pants and stuffed it in her mouth. The horny hottie sucked on it like she was ravenously hungry for some hot man chowder. The blowjob made Frank want to do some munching as well. He took Wiska‘s pants down and buried his face in her rear end. He licked greedily at Wiska‘s wet pussy and ass hole.

After all that eating the horny couple needed to work off some calories with a rigorous fucking session. To make the workout even more intense Frank reamed out Wiska‘s butt hole with his huge cock! Click below for a preview of Wiska and Frank oral and anal action.


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