Worship At The Alter Of Zafira!


Certain models bring out the best in photographers, and Zafira is one of them. I’ve never seen a bad layout of her, and believe me, I saw plenty of Zafira long before I wrote this newsletter, when I was still working as a magazine editor. As I’ve written elsewhere, Zafira has the gorgeous face and curvy body of those European movie goddesses who enraptured me and millions of other impressionable lads back in the 1960s. A beautiful, dimpled smile, soft green bedroom eyes, firm 36B tits, and shapely size seven feet…this is a recipe for total slavery for ye ole Uncle Irv!!

Let’s get one thing straight. I love footless lacy leggings on ladies, and to see Zafira dressed this way for her appearance on Thursday 3/31/11, and in black peep toe pumps that also showcase her toe cleavage…yes, these too make me want to submit! Who could resist getting down on his knees to kiss Miss Zafira’s feet in those lovely shoes, and then OUT of them…as Zafira smilingly presents her soles to us in powerful closeups captured by Denys DeFrancesco and his ever-vigilant camera crews in high resolution pix and HD video! Yes, the photography of DDF Productions DELIVERS!

Do you like tease-and-denial, where a woman shows off her beauty but doesn’t let you even touch her, much less fuck and lick her? That’s the powerful scenario that went through my mind as I watched Zafira in this newest pictorial. I imagined her sniffing her own shoes as she does in some of the shots, and showing me her pussy through the lacy tights, flexing her pink-polished toes at me while pleasuring herself with a glass dildo. I watched her use her own feet to put the dildo in her…

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