Wrath of the Australian Tittie Spider!

Australia,  OZ,  The lucky Country, or The Land Down Under, whatever you want to call this majestic and incredible place there is one thing for sure, they have much much more then vegemite sandwich.  To know Australia is to know a place of incredible hospitality, amazing life and adventure, pristine beaches, and some of the worlds most gorgeous women.

But did you know that they had Tittie Spiders? Yeah, Crocodile Dundee left that small bit of information out when he gave us a guided tour of his land. It turns out that the Australian tittie Spider is one of the horniest creatures on the shores, and if you’ve got yourself a pair of mammary marvels like Angela White does, you’d better know how to smash you some spider!

Here’s a small glimpse of Angela in action with a Kangaroo and a Crocodile drooling over her  in the backdrop as she gives that spider exactly what it wants. Death by a pair of 36G’s!  Her full set is debuting on DDF Busty April 29th — Not to be missed. Enjoy the sneak peek!  

– Ace DDF


Wrath of the Australian Tittie Spider! by DDFProd

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