Young Lesbians Tease With Toes!


Meet two sultry young Russian temptresses on Tuesday 4/26/11 when blonde Aleksandra and brunette Tatyana have a sapphic clinch that will get YOU down on your knees in awe at their fetishistic zeal! First they pose in their shoes: Aleksandra in slingback yellow wedgies that show off her toes, and Tatyana in white platform ankle strap heels. They display their legs with friendly but penetrating expressions on their faces–expressions that demonstrate their understanding of our need to worship their alluring peds. We get huge closeups of their polished toes on the red carpeting that bring us right into the room with these gorgeous girls.

Aleksandra takes the lesbian lead, taking down Tatyana’s top to lick at her 32B boobies. Then Tatyana returns the favor by taking off Aleksandra’s shoes and sniffing, kissing, and licking her soles. Soon Aleksandra is rubbing her bare foot on Tatyana’s crotch after the brunette sucks on her titties.

Aleksandra takes off the brunette’s shoes and worships her bare feet, then gets Tatyana to rub her toes against her own still-pantied crotch. Soon both babes are comfy and sucking…

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