Young Silvy Blows the AC Repairman


Every hard working man has times when his mind drifts off at while he’s at work. He fantasizes about some babe coming and maybe blowing him right there at the work site. That’s just what happened in reality when Bruno Sx was repairing an air conditioning unit. Sexy young Silvy came to him with some urges of her own.

She was all hot and bothered. She needed some cock and she new how to get it. She came up to Bruno with her little tits in a tube top and started chatting him up. It wasn’t long before she was close to him and was rubbing his cock through his shorts. Bruno lifted Silvy‘s tube top and got a hand full of soft tit. Soon his screwdriver wasn’t the only tool that was hard!

Silvy got on her knees and started servicing Bruno’s cock with her mouth. She has been wanting to give him a blowjob and now she was finally doing it. Her pierced tongue worked its way up and down Bruno’s hard shaft sending chills down his spine and making his toes curl! Then Silvy really got down to business fucking her mouth up and down on the stud man’s fat salami. Bruno thanked the horny babe with a hot load in her mouth!


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