Zafia and Kayla Together on HotLegsAndFeet!

Did you see the Monday set on HotLegsAndFeet? Iit’s a meeting between a Hungarian legend and a British newbie as Zafira (who now has 32 sets on our site) clinches with Kayla, who makes her first exciting appearance on Both gals wear patterned leggings that showcase the shapeliness of their butts and legs as well as put their bare feet into focus. Kayla has a beautiful tawny complexion, and the dark polish on her toenails really stands out. Zafira guides her in the lesbian fetish way for awhile, as Kayla obediently removes Zafira’s backless heels and then takes down her leggings, while getting in a few licks on Zafira’s pussy. Zafira rubs her foot against Kayla’s cunny, and then Kayla sucks on Zafira’s size sevens and strokes them against her dusky titties. Zafira presses her foot against Kayla’s shaven mound, and then Kayla probes Zafira’s slit with her gorgeous toes. After warming up Zafira’s pussy with her tongue..

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